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The Merchants on PR (MoPR) is a program is designed to allow merchants to easily advertise on has 409,956 members, 159,160 Reviews and is visited by more than 7,000 sewers daily who are seeking information to make more informed sewing decisions.

We hope that Merchants signup for the MoPR program and use it not only as a means to inform these users about their products and services but also provide special deals and discounts for them. This program has been specially designed to give greater visibility and thus greater traffic to MoPR merchants who do so.

Description of Features
1. Link from Homepage Links to MoPR web sites will be displayed sequentially for each MoPR on the homepage.
2. Link from internal pages Links to MoPR web sites and deals offered by MoPR's will be displayed sequentially on the internal review pages based upon the preferences MoPR's specify in their account. So merchants who provide Sewing Machines will be listed in the Sewing Machine Review page and so on.
3. Merchants on PR Gallery A Link to your web site, a brief description of your service and a list of all the deals you offer will be shown in the MoPR Gallery. The MoPR gallery will be linked to from every page on via the Left Navigation Bar.
4. Deal Corner MoPR's can have 2 deals active throughout the term of their MoPR subscription. 1 of these deals can be for Friends of PR members and the other one can be for all PR members. These deals will be displayed on a variety of sections in
5. Mailing List Merchants can opt to allow PR members to signup for a mailing list which is maintained on Merchants do not receive the email addresses of members who sign up to receive e-mails from them but can send emails to their list once a month via an interface which provides.
6. Traffic Tracking MoPR's can run real time traffic reports. These reports provide merchants with counters regarding the number of times their ad has been displayed on the homepage, review pages as well as the number of times users have clicked through to their site from either the homepage, review pages or the Deal Corner.

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