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Win a Bernina Machine in the Sewing Bee - Other PrizesBy Deepika on 8/28/15 11:45 AM

We announced our annual Sewing Bee Contest (#prsewingbee on social media) last week so I thought I'd talk a little bit more about what's at stake here :)

It is a contest after all, and the prizes make it more fun.

These sponsors have been generous with their prizes and we are thankful to them for that. So lets hear it for our lovely sponsors!


Round 1 (To Be Announced on September 1st) 

First Prize: $100 Gift Certificate from Blackbird Fabrics

Random Prize: $50 Gift Certificate from 


Round 2

First Prize: Tailor's Clapper, Pattern, Pattern Hack DVD and an Online Class from Angela Wolf. ($100 value) 

Random Prize: Sew Over It Vintage Book and a choice of two patterns from Sew Over It. 



Round 3

First Prize: Patented Fitting System from Fabulous Fit. ($129 value)

Random Prize: $50 Gift Certificate from Colette Patterns.


Round 4

First Prize: Designer Thread Collection - McKenna Ryan - Blendables sponsored by Sulky ($99.95 value)

Random Prize:  A Sewing DVD - Create a Master Bodice with Sarah Veblen - sponsored by Threads Magazine ($74 value)



Based on their performance and scores from all the rounds, we will pick a Grand Prize Winner who will win this super awesome Bernina Simply Red Sewing Machine sponsored by Bernina. (A $999 Value!) 



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BambiZ said... (8/29/15 8:08 AM) Reply
So exciting. I can't wait to start. Getting everything ready waiting for the first round announcement.
hoyhoy said... (8/28/15 9:15 PM) Reply
exciting prizes!
Ilonka said... (8/28/15 2:55 PM) Reply
This is so great! So exciting! Thanks to ALL!
arianamaniacs said... (8/28/15 12:53 PM) Reply
Awesome lineup, thank you to all the sponsors and Deepika!
PammyJ said... (8/28/15 12:17 PM) Reply
Wow! What great prizes from the sponsors! Big thank you to each of them for being so generous. :-)
Member in Focus: Cab102By MadelineL on 8/25/15 1:33 PM

For this month’s Member in Focus we would like to introduce you to Caroline, AKA Cab102, from Ontario. With her design wardrobe full of lush tropical and bright items, we couldn’t resist featuring her on our blog.

Member Since: 2013

PR Name: Cab102

Name: Caroline Bruce 

Birthday: December 9th


How did you learn to sew?

“My mom taught me the basics and then I learned from pattern instructions and just doing. More recently, I've learned some techniques from online tutorials. What a great resource.”


What aspect of sewing do you find most challenging?

“Really precise sewing that requires really accurate cutting. Lots of pinning and slow sewing. Yeah, I'm no good at that!”

What type of sewing machine do you currently have? Would you recommend it to others?

“I have a Pfaff 6122 sewing machine and a Pfaff Coverlock 4852. I would definitely recommend both, although I know I don't use the coverlock to its full potential. I tend to line a lot of my projects and do a lot of French seams, so serging is not so necessary.”


What are you sewing right now?

“I've been sewing simple kimono type wraps with fringe. I'm on number four!”

Pick your favorite pattern (only one please):

“I love Butterick 6019!”



What you love most about PatternReview?

“I love having a heads up before I go in on a pattern. It's great to see what others have made from a pattern and what to look out for. It's great to combat any potential problems before you even cut. I always search for reviews before I cut. I also love sharing my projects in hopes that they might inspire and possibly help someone else.”

Any other favorite hobbies?

“Well, I'm a trained interior designer who currently designs jewelry. So, my work is as fun as any hobby! I also love to bake. And then there's working out. Not so much fun, but with the amount of time you need to invest in it, it's practically a hobby.” 


Your profession, where do you live etc.

“I'm a jewelry designer and entrepreneur. I live in a very small town in Ontario, Canada.”



Thank you for sharing with us, Cab102! Your colourful wardrobe makes us so happy!

Connect with Cab102 on PR and see more of her reviews in her review Gallery.

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ConnieBJ said... (8/28/15 12:37 PM) Reply
Beautiful! Hey I think you live close to me!!
arianamaniacs said... (8/28/15 4:22 AM) Reply
Nice to meet you, you have gorgeous projects!
sophiaallen1601 said... (8/28/15 2:54 AM) Reply
You have well mannered dressing sense. I want to have some
Sew WYO said... (8/27/15 9:31 AM) Reply
What a great sense of style and fun interview!
Alpine Queen said... (8/27/15 8:32 AM) Reply
As a sun bunny myself, I love all your tropical styling! Your jewelry styling is as great as your garments.
robvi said... (8/26/15 8:22 PM) Reply
wow, you're awesome!!
Sheseams said... (8/26/15 2:52 PM) Reply
Good interview
iluv2sew61 said... (8/26/15 11:44 AM) Reply
I really enjoy your style and colorful clothes! And your jewelry is very nice!
ASiverson said... (8/26/15 10:04 AM) Reply
Very, very nice and congrats! TFS, Annette
RainyDayPerson said... (8/26/15 9:11 AM) Reply
WooHoo! Small-town girl makes it big! I enjoyed this MiF your style is really fun!
RainyDayPerson replied...(8/26/15 10:57 AM)
Your product on your website is GORGEOUS!
Tee Jones Actie said... (8/26/15 8:07 AM) Reply
Love your design aesthetic!!! Your cloths look so happy!!!!
Danvillegirl said... (8/26/15 5:16 AM) Reply
Nice interview! Good to learn more about other members of PR
mesewlot said... (8/26/15 1:19 AM) Reply
Congratulations Caroline!! I followed Vatsla's Sewl Lounge post!
SewLibra said... (8/26/15 0:23 AM) Reply
Congrats on being featured! It is always so fun to read these interviews and get to know more about other members. Your sense of color and style are awesome!
hibihai said... (8/25/15 11:39 PM) Reply
I was thinking, Wow, what a sense of style, what a good eye ... and then I see you're an interior designer and jewelry designer! No wonder your clothes look so well designed and give you such a sense of "look"! Love your outfits! Thanks for sharing, just delightful.
LolaSees said... (8/25/15 5:25 PM) Reply
I've seen your amazing reviews before, I LOVE your use of print and colour, so refreshing, I'm loving the kimono on the right and also loving the banana print, and pretty much everything else you've made heeheehee, I just bought myself some pineapple printed linen, can't wait to use it, PS, congrats on being member in focus, you deserve it!!!
Vancouvergirl said... (8/25/15 3:14 PM) Reply
Nice to meet you! And to hear that you are a fellow Canadian! I am originally from Ontario - so very nice to see a community here! All the best : )
Sewing Bee 2015 - Are you ready? By Deepika on 8/18/15 3:39 PM

If last year's Sewing Bee was any indication, you all love surprizes and and you all love to play! So this year, The PR Sewing Bee (#prsewingbee) is back with 4 new challenges and awesome prizes (see prizes here). I can't tell you what the individual rounds will be, you'll just have to wait and find out, but what I can tell you, is that it will be a lot of fun to challenge yourself. The contest committee and I have been hard at work coming up with really fun rounds for you this year. 



For each round, contestants will have 7-10 days to sew the mystery item announced that day, with particular guidelines set by the Contest Committee. Our Contest Manager, Nakisha, will also be here to act as your mentor throughout the bee. By the deadline date, participants must have their submission posted. Taking clear photos and writing detailed reviews of your item will make it a stand-out in this competition. While we can’t spill the beans about the challenge items beforehand, we can say with some confidence that if you have a small stash at home, you’re ready to begin.


After each round, there will be a number of eliminations, based on the total number of entries. Only the selected participants will move on to the next round. But don’t worry - this sewing bee is all about making great projects and having fun along the way!


Like last year the contest committee and I will judge your entries AND we have guest judges this year too.


These lovely ladies will be also joining us in judging the last three rounds. Thank you Lisa Comfort, Sarai Mitnick and Carmen Bouchard! We know you are busy and we really appreciate that you agreed to be our guest judges. 


MrsCharisma - Nakisha will be your Mentor throughout this whole contest. When she volunteered to be the manager for the Sewing Bee, I shouted out loud. So perfect! Thank you Nakisha.


There will be lots of prizes from our generous sponsors.  Please support them!


There will be random prizes in each round sponsored by PatternReview, Colette Patterns, Sew Over It and Threads Magazine

And then of course the big Kahuna - Bernina Simply Red Sewing Machine will go to the GRAND PRIZE Winner! 


So what do you say? Are you ready to play? 

Great! Clean and Oil those machines, admire your stash, read the results from last year's sewing bee contest and get your creative juices flowing. We will be back with more details very soon. Contest starts September 1st.  Until then, rest up! 

Want to see what the participants did last year? 

Round 1 - A Line Skirt

Round 2 - Refashioning a Men's Shirt

Round 3 - Winter Street Dress

Round 4 - Pants

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textilegram said... (8/29/15 10:10 PM) Reply
Sounds like so much fun! I'd like to see what last years was like-are the pictures for last years winners posted somewhere? And are do you get to know why you were cut or got to advance?
jsirkis said... (8/25/15 8:39 AM) Reply
Looks like fun but I am new to this. How do I sign up?
Deepika replied...(8/28/15 11:15 AM)
Come back to the site on September 1st when we announce our 1st round. That's when you can sign-up.
JustineSewcountrychick said... (8/25/15 1:42 AM) Reply
Sounds fun! I might have to join!
beanchor said... (8/20/15 9:07 PM) Reply
This contest was so hard! It was "fun" to imagine and anticipate the challenges. It was "fun" to interact with the contestants and see the wonderful garments produced. It was killer on the ego when you post your project and soon see designs you know are better than your own. :) It was ulcer inducing waiting to see if you have made the cut! It was confusing to not know why you advance or why you were cut. All that being said, I am ready this year!
BelindaLee said... (8/19/15 5:41 PM) Reply
This looks fabulous and just what the doctor ordered with the kiddoes returning to school putting time back into my calendar for "fun" sewing!
LauraJ said... (8/19/15 3:22 PM) Reply
This sounds like a lot of fun. Will be looking forward to it.
rsarauer said... (8/19/15 10:24 AM) Reply
I just my try this again :)
Runbikesew said... (8/19/15 10:22 AM) Reply
I'm looking forward this challenge. Prayerfully, my schedule will allow me to participate fully.
arianamaniacs said... (8/19/15 9:23 AM) Reply
Really looking forward to this, last year was a blast!
RainyDayPerson said... (8/19/15 8:48 AM) Reply
Deepika - Nakisha! It would be great if there was a way for non-contestants (those who didn't make it to the next round) continue to play along and perhaps add to a non-contestant gallery... ?? I see the Instagram Tag, and I'll use that but some PR members only use PR...
Kimbercrow replied...(8/19/15 7:45 PM)
I had the same thought! It would be great if we could 'play along' too!
GeoP said... (8/19/15 8:39 AM) Reply
I loved watching the contest last year, I'm really tempted to join this time. How can I do this? will the contest appear in the 'Contests' menu?
Deepika replied...(8/19/15 1:05 PM)
Hi Geo, yes it will appear like a regular contest. Nakisha has already started the topic on the forums. Check it out. We will start the form for registering very soon.
frogrock said... (8/19/15 7:46 AM) Reply
Let's get this party started!
Deepika replied...(8/19/15 1:05 PM)
Oh yeah!
Tenibag said... (8/19/15 7:41 AM) Reply
Are the challenges too hard for an average seamstress?
RainyDayPerson replied...(8/19/15 8:44 AM)
Tenibag - last year's tasks were quite reasonable. Average can totally win with a killer imagination!
Danvillegirl said... (8/19/15 5:14 AM) Reply
This will be so interesting! Looking forward to reading and seeing more about this!
Melwyk said... (8/18/15 7:58 PM) Reply
Looks like a fun time -- great organizing, great judges and I'm sure we're all looking forward to finding out what the challenges will be!
sewcrazee said... (8/18/15 6:11 PM) Reply
How exciting..its just so fun!!!!
meinterrupted said... (8/18/15 5:50 PM) Reply
So excited!! (And I'm totally NOT using this contest as an excuse to start stuffing my stash with new fabrics, just in case, nope nope!)
PammyJ said... (8/18/15 4:47 PM) Reply
Was so fun to follow along last year. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this year. :)
becca a said... (8/18/15 4:15 PM) Reply
Fantastic line up of judges! I can't wait for the fun to begin. It was fantastic last year and I'm sure this year will be so much fun.
Sewing Spaces - JKimes ToursBy MadelineL on 8/18/15 12:53 PM

For our August Sewing Spaces, we would like to introduce to you JKimes’ new sewing room in Texas.

Lets start with the Cutting Table- Something we all use and love so much. 

Juliet's cutting table is made “in two halves so they can be easily separated and moved when needed. Each base is a 2’ x 4’ cube Kallax unit set horizontally with 3 pairs of casters. Each top is a 78¾” x 23⅝" Linnmon table top. I attached them to the base using L-brackets at the front and back of the cabinets. The two tables are connected with 2 chest latches from Home Depot.”

“I attached Spontan magnet boards to one end of the two bases for my button and bead storage” We think this addition is brilliant! 

In the top photo photo, the serger on the left is a 1970s era BabyLock BL3200. The machine on the right is a Bernina 350PE. In the bottom photo, the serger on the left is a Baby Lock Evolution and the machine on the right is a Bernina 850LE.

The steam press is a Reliable Empressa and the steam iron is a Reliable Velocity Sensor that was bought at American Sewing Expo in Novi MI, 2 years ago. “Thread racks were purchased from Hancock Fabrics, Joanns and [and the] peg board, hooks and baskets purchased at Home Depot.” The dress form is by PGM and was purchased on eBay about 10 years ago.

Republished with permission from JKimes.

Thank you for sharing with us your awesome sewing room, JKimes!


Get this look!


Images top row: Ikea KallaxChest Latches, Ikea Spontan.

Images middle row: Ikea Linnmon, Reliable Empressa steam press.

Images bottom row: Reliable Velocity steam iron, Peg Board, PGM dress form.


For even more inspiration, join the sewing spaces chat! For previous sewing spaces features, click here.

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JKimes said... (8/24/15 8:53 PM) Reply
For folks who asked for the size of my studio, it is 14 x 15'
Utta Retch said... (8/21/15 4:22 AM) Reply
So organised, so tidy. I am deeply envious of anyone who has a spare room for sewing. I live in a four room flat and all my sewing struff has to be kept out of sight. I would probably do more sewing if I didn't need to pack everything away.
JKimes replied...(8/24/15 9:10 AM)
My studio is only tidy when I'm not in the middle of project. I tidied up quite a bit before taking these photos. :)
Pamela R said... (8/19/15 3:20 PM) Reply
Love your room, but where do you stash your stash?
JKimes replied...(8/24/15 9:08 AM)
My sewing room is the master bedroom, so I have an ensuite bathroom and very large walk-in closet--my fabric is hung on velvet hangers and other supplies (zippers, elastic, lace, trims, etc) are stored in rolling carts.
Mmmberry said... (8/19/15 2:15 PM) Reply
Beautiful space, thanks for sharing! I second the request for your room dimensions! I'm always wondering how people arrange their spaces effectively.
janeehazen said... (8/19/15 12:36 PM) Reply
Wonderful! Thanks for the tip on the Ikea cubes. I'm making due with office depot cube shelving sideways, not as sturdy as the ikea so can't get wheels on yet. Yours fabulous with the 2 parts to separate!
Bongoramsey said... (8/19/15 10:40 AM) Reply
What a clever way to store your stash of buttons. Great job of organizing your sewing supplies!
hopflower said... (8/19/15 10:36 AM) Reply
Sometimes I just cannot believe the fabulous sewing rooms some people have. This is one of them. So wonderful!
Barbara3 said... (8/19/15 10:14 AM) Reply
Wonderful, wonderful sewing room, and that cutting table is such an incredibly clever use of those materials. TFS
Runbikesew said... (8/19/15 9:02 AM) Reply
This is beautiful!
CTBarb said... (8/19/15 8:14 AM) Reply
I am wondering how big your room is? I have a small den that I would like to outfit for sewing but am not sure it is big enough.
JKimes replied...(8/24/15 9:11 AM)
I *think* it is 10 x 14, but I will get measurements tonight.
SewLibra said... (8/19/15 1:04 AM) Reply
Your sewing room is so wonderful I think I might pass out!
Judy Kski said... (8/18/15 10:51 PM) Reply
Noticed the Baby Lock 3-thread serger. My first one looks very similar to this one, a BL-418. I see you still have the original foot pedal. I had to replace mine last year. It is 29 years old and still a great general use serger. I've heard it does a beautiful 2-thread rolled hem, but haven't ever used it for that.
JKimes replied...(8/24/15 9:13 AM)
I just bought this one off eBay, but my mom had a similar one in the 80's. I bought this specifically for the rolled hem which it does well, though I'm having trouble with it keeping in tension.
Winners of the Historical Fashion Contest 2015By MadelineL on 8/11/15 11:57 AM

The Historical Fashion Contest 2015 has concluded! Participants for this contest were encouraged to sew either a garment or an outfit from the time period between 500 AD and 1929. The goal was to create a time period accurate look. Contestants had one month to sew their lovely creations and their garments were voted on by Pattern Review members.

Let’s see who won!

First Prize Winner: KozyKitty for her Georgian era Caracao jacket by J.P. Ryan!

KozyKitty says: “I like this type of jacket and didn't want to make a full gown. This is a middle class garment which was the type of person I was portraying. As reenactors, we focus on historical accuracy and I chose a design that was appropriate and fabric that was accurate.”


Random Prize Winner: jcobosco for her mostly self drafted Renaissance era outfit.

jcobosco says: “I teach a Renaissance themed camp at a theatre, and must be in costume all week. So I decided to make this costume, loosely based on patterns and pictures from The Tudor Tailor book. I did use the pattern from the Tudor Tailor book for the bumroll…I used an acetate or brocade for the outer skirt, and navy blue taffeta for the underskirt. A woven cotton for the outside of the bodice, canvas in the middle to which I attached the boning, and navy blue lining for the inside (technically the bodice is reversible, the grommets would be backwards, but you can hardly tell. I used the same blue cotton for the hat. For the chemise (shirt) I used unbleached muslin.

Congratulations to all who participated in the Historical Fashion Contest

Special thanks to our Contest Manager, lyndle for managing this contest.

Thank you also to our sponsor Patterns from the Past.


Follow the participant chat.

Want to see what others made? Browse the contest gallery.


Sign up for the Inspired by Books Contest today!

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MissLadyAudrey said... (8/15/15 9:52 PM) Reply
Great Job!
nothy lane said... (8/14/15 6:09 PM) Reply
Congratulations! These costumes are outstanding.
Sheseams said... (8/13/15 4:17 PM) Reply
Wonderful work, they look very realistic!
francescape said... (8/12/15 6:58 PM) Reply
Congratulations to the winners and all who participated! I'm amazed by your talent!
KozyKitty said... (8/12/15 10:14 AM) Reply
Thank you so much! I'm so thrilled!
daSage said... (8/12/15 10:13 AM) Reply
Congratulations to the winners and all who entered! Thank you for sharing your work and process with the rest of us!
ASiverson said... (8/12/15 9:31 AM) Reply
Really like the two winners! TFS, and congratulations! Annette
Utta Retch said... (8/12/15 4:24 AM) Reply
Utta Retch said... (8/11/15 1:03 PM) Reply
Congratulations to Kozykitty on your win. However, why was there no runner up as with other contests?
Alpine Queen replied...(8/12/15 3:14 AM)
Check the gallery. There are the top three votes listed. Apparently second prize was a random drawing this time.
New Class - PatternWork - by Sarah VeblenBy MadelineL on 8/10/15 12:49 PM

We all love patterns; they are the blueprints of the garments that we make. However, nearly all of us have to make at least some adjustments to the patterns that we use, whether it is to tailor the fit to our individual needs or it is to change the design of the garment. I myself have to make multiple adjustments to almost every pattern than I use. I am vertically challenged and have a ruler shaped body type; I live in a world where most patterns are made for people of average height who have an hourglass figure. Furthermore, as a cosplayer, I have to make design and aesthetic changes to patterns to achieve an accurate character portrayal. Looking back, there have been only three instances in my life where I did not have to alter a pattern.

So when I was given the opportunity to take the Pattern Work class by Sarah Veblen I was thrilled. Sarah makes doing pattern work super logical and easy!

This course includes one free video, 11 a la carte videos, and six digital half-scale patterns. We feel that half-scale patterns are great for everyone to practice the pattern work techniques they learned in the video course. 

Free – Walking Seams: Getting Started (14 min.) from on Vimeo.


Sarah Veblen starts off with her free video, Walking Seams: Getting Started . This is an introduction to the concept of walking a seam and when it is necessary to do it. She explains it is when you compare the seam lines of two adjoining pattern pieces. Video 1 is a continuation of the free video and elaborates on how to walk seams when there are darts, ease, or a lot of excess fabric involved.

In the Video 2 , is all about truing the dart legs. This is used when the darts in a pattern make it so that the pattern piece edge is jagged. When you true the dart legs, it makes the pattern piece edge smooth. In Video 3 I learned how to draft curved darts which was amazing! She also talks about when this type of an alteration may be beneficial to the wearer. 

Video 4 teaches the viewer how to adjoin tricky seams. Video 5 is an assortment of tips to help you work with patterns without getting stressed out. Sarah talks about materials organization and useful tools that you might need for pattern work.

Video 6 talks about using garment rulers to blend patterns to fit your body shape. I found that this video was especially useful to me as I have a ruler shaped body and many of my skirts fit me correctly at the waist but are too roomy in the hips and the behind. I will use the long blend technique so that I can finally start making skirts that are size 10 in the waist but size 6 or 8 in the hips! This video is also really great for people who have a very pronounced hourglass or pear-shaped figure. You can use Sarah’s techniques to make a garment with a smaller size in the waist and a larger size in the hips.

Video 7 is a guide to making horizontal balance lines. Video 8 teaches the viewer how to shorten or lengthen pattern pieces. This is super useful for those of us who are petite (like me!) or tall. You can also use Video 8 to learn about how to make closed and open wedge adjustments – perfect for those of us who need a full bust adjustment, small bust adjustment, full bottom adjustment, or swayback adjustment.

Video 9 teaches the viewer how to true hems on pants and sleeves. Video 10 is about how to move a dart, that is, how to make a dart in a different location than indicated on the pattern. It also teaches you how to make a French dart. Lastly, Video 11 is about dealing with large darts and making them less bulky.

While my personal favourites were Video 6 and Video 8, as they pertained to my personal fitting needs, I feel that people of all shapes and sizes have a lot to gain by taking this video course. Whether you are short, tall, apple shaped, hourglass shaped, pear shaped, ruler shaped, or have swayback, everybody has their own fitting issues and can help themselves by taking this course. 


Free Video -- Walking Seams: Getting Started (14 min.) 

Video 1 -- Walking Seams with Darts, Ease, and Excess Fabric (11 min.) 
Video 2 --Truing Dart Legs (17 min.) 
Video 3 --Drafting Shaped Darts (5 min.) 
Video 4 -- Truing Tricky Intersecting or Adjoining Seams (11.5 min.) 
Video 5 --Tips to Make Pattern Work Less Daunting (18.5 min) 
Video 6 -- Your Ruler is a Powerful Tool (18 min.) 
Video 7 -- Establishing Horizontal Balance Lines on Patterns (12.5 min.) 
Video 8 --Making Length Adjustments (15 min.) 
Video 9 -- Truing Hems (12.5 min.) 
Video 10 --Transferring Darts to Different Locations (12.5 min.) 
Video 11 -- Truing Large Darts and French Darts (15 min.) 


Register for Pattern Work today!

Class Fee varies (Individual videos start at $5, $4.50 for Friends of Pattern Review members ). Includes all high-definition videos

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artysam said... (8/13/15 1:32 AM) Reply
Sounds great and we can get help and advice on our own specific needs.
Alpine Queen said... (8/11/15 3:08 AM) Reply
Wow, this sounds like a great class for so many PR members who never got this kind of teaching and thus experience a lot of problems. I wouldn't say patterns are made for an hourglass, though, they never fit me properly, either!
Inspiration: Inspired by Books ContestBy MadelineL on 8/5/15 1:29 PM

The Inspired by Books Contest started on Saturday, and I am eagerly awaiting the creation of some wonderful and imaginative garments. Participants are asked to sew a classic or contemporary rendition of their favorite book ensemble or of an outfit inspired by the book’s time/setting. The outfits for this contest are designed to be worn for everyday wear, rather than a replica costume. I looked around at books of various genres and decided to put this together:

Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha is a work of historical fiction loosely based on the life of Mineko Iwasaki, a real geisha from Gion. Set in the first half of 20th century Japan, many of the characters from the book wear traditional Japanese clothing. I wanted to feature a Yukata style robe, as yukatas were/are commonly worn in Japan for casual settings. This garment would be a great piece for lounging around at home.

Hunger Games

Although most of us have seen the lavish costumes inspired by the movies from this franchise, I wanted to showcase some wearable garments that come from the books. This black knit top is a good interpretation of Katniss from Mockingjay.


From the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss’ training uniform can be worn as workout clothes.


Sherlock Holmes

The defining garment of the Sherlock Holmes series was his iconic cape trench. Cape trenches can be very trendy and are a practical and creative way of keeping warm and fashionable at the same time.


The Great Gatsby

Last but not least is the Great Gatsby. Set in the 1920’s, this iconic book gives the reader endless options for garment inspiration. Dress up for a night on the town or dress down for a casual lawn party.



Sign up for the Inspired by Books Contest today!

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ASiverson said... (8/12/15 9:29 AM) Reply
Wow, wow, wow. I like the entries, each one, arleady! TFS, Annette and Good luck!
Rhoda K said... (8/6/15 7:52 AM) Reply
I was pleasantly surprised to see the Yukata modeled above. I've always liked the garments made by this PR member, very stylish, but not seen here on PR in quite some time. I look forward to the entries.
Utta Retch said... (8/5/15 2:24 PM) Reply
Ooh, this is going to be a interesting contest. I used to be a ferocious reader, but my wretched eyesight makes reading too much of a chore these days.
New Butterick Patterns with Elliott Berman TextilesBy MadelineL on 8/4/15 11:39 AM

We received the new Butterick collection for Autumn 2015, and we thought we would share with you a preview of these patterns. Butterick has included many styles for cooler weather – there is quite a selection of coats/jackets, dresses, coordinates, and suits! We also chatted with our good friends over at Elliott Berman Textiles to see what they thought of this collection. Eugenia was kind enough to suggest some awesome fabric pairings for these patterns.

6240 is a elegant and easy to wear dress. This dress transitions from daytime office to evening PTA meeting effortlessly! Fabrics are viscoses from France, middle right is a digital print viscose from Italy. Viscose fabrics can be found here.

6241 is a great Autumn piece. With its zip collar, this sporty dress was made for brisk morning walks! Top left is a French viscose knit. Bottom left and top right are French terry knits. Bottom right is an Italian wool knit.


Join the conversation or see the new collection here!

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ASiverson said... (8/5/15 12:27 PM) Reply
I too like Elliott Berman for more than their fabrics and notions! And I also love the pockets! Annette
Grace Buchanan said... (8/5/15 6:06 AM) Reply
I am loving the pockets that have been showing up lately in dresses like the zipped knit one. I have not yet been to Elliott Berman's site, but look forward to seeing what's there. I appreciate their supporting this blog and website.
Vote Now in the Historical Fashion Contest 2015By MadelineL on 8/3/15 2:05 PM

Voting for the Historical Fashion Contest 2015 begins on Monday, August 3rd! For this contest, contestants were asked to one historically authentic garment or outfit for themselves or another person. The time period could be anywhere from 500 AD to 1929.

Participants also answered specific questions about the era of time their garment or outfit was from, the patterns used (if any) and the fabrics and trims used.


The first place winner will be determined by member vote and revealed at the end of the contest. Prizes will be awarded to the first place winner and a randomly selected winner. First place will get a $100 Gift Certificate from Patterns from the Past and the random prize winner will get a $50 Gift Certificate from Patterns from the Past.


Voting for the Historical Fashion Contest 2015 closes Sunday August 9th. Happy voting!

Thank you to lyndle for managing this contest!


Vote Now

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