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Member in Focus: Lori VBy AlexisW on 8/29/14 4:10 PM

Member Since: 2002

PR Name: Lori V

Name: Lori

Birthday: October 3rd


How did you learn to sew?

“My mom taught me initially in 7th grade and then in 8th grade we had home economics. Stating this fact, dates me since home economics isn't taught much in schools. Even with this class, my mom was my teacher and taught me so much. I owe it all to her.”

Which sewing book do you refer to most often?

“Sandra Betzina's books and Claire Shaeffer's books are the most used in my library.”

What aspect of sewing do you find most challenging?

“Tailored jackets, especially notched collars.”

What are your sewing goals for this year?

“In the summer, I struggle finding the time to sew. Now that summer is reaching an end, I really just want to sew more, shirts, jackets and pants are some of the items I would like to add to my wardrobe.”

What are you sewing right now?

“I knit top for me and plan on starting a dress for one of my daughters.”

What’s your favorite pattern?

Grainline Archer Shirt.”

What you love most about PatternReview?

“The ease in finding so much information about a particular pattern in one spot.”

Any other favorite hobbies?

“I like to garden, swim, bike ride with my husband, quilt and spend time with my family.”

Tell us a little more about you - profession, where you live, etc.

“I am an office manager/accountant for our family business. I live in Missouri.”

We loved learning more about you, Lori V!

Lori V has over 300 reviews! See them all here.

Follow Lori V on PR.

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ASiverson said...

8/30/14 5:20 PM
ASiverson said...

8/30/14 5:21 PM
ASiverson said...
Way to go Lori! PS my SIL is from Missouri!
8/30/14 5:21 PM
Burda Style's Fall/Winter CatalogBy AlexisW on 8/28/14 3:08 PM

Recently released Burda Fall/Winter Collection is now in stock!

The contemporary Burda Style 6840 blouse is a chic wardrobe staple. This top has two variations for either sleeveless with collar or long sleeves with bowtie. Flattering on many different figures, this feminine blouse has a universal appeal. The Burda 6840 can also be sewed with silk and chiffon fabrics for a more elegant look.

Burda Style’s 6876 jacket features three unique front closures, including a tie-band, zip fastener, and chain closure. Paired with a pencil skirt or trousers, this stylish blazer is perfect for the office. Sewed in wool or bouclé fabrics, the Burda 6876 is perfect for cool autumn afternoons.

Take a fashion risk with Burda Young’s 6858 dress! With eye-catching side cut-outs, this form fitting dress continues to be on trend. Sew this dress with stretchy jersey fabrics for a sleek fit. For the more conservative, this dress also has options for tulle inserts. Available in full or knee length, with long or short sleeves, the Burda 6858 dress can be tailored to suit your taste.

Browse the entire Burda Fall/Winter Catalog on PR.


Tell us your favorites from this collection! Join the chat or leave a comment below.

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Sewing Machines - Review HighlightsBy AlexisW on 8/27/14 12:48 PM

If you’re considering purchasing a new machine, the Classifieds section has sewing machines and sergers available for sale by fellow PR members.

Bernina 750QE

iSewQuiltArt on the Bernina 750QE Sewing Machine

“Machine is extremely smooth and quiet for sewing. 11 needle positions with a separate control for needle movement. Needle position is displayed on the screen so there is no guessing where you left the needle positioned between different techniques."

“I love that with elongation of design the machine recalculates the density of the stitch to maintain the original stitch density in the default setting. Rather than thinning out the design as it is elongated. This is fabulous and something I really appreciate. If you don't understand, think about appliqué, if you open up the stitch too far the edge you are covering can fray back. This may not be something you want to happen. Think making a scallop along the edge of a table cloth where preventing unraveling of fabric is important. I can't wait to play more with this.”

"There is a nice selection of stitches- 30 utility stitches, 11 buttonholes and an eyelet, 250 decorative stitches, 6 alphabets, 33 quilt related stitches, 20 cross stitch patterns. Plenty to work with. The stitch quality on the buttonholes and deco stitches I have tried are beautiful.”

Read iSewQuiltArt's complete review.


Singer 14T968DC

Dawnabbey on the Singer 14T968DC Serger Overlock Machine

“My thoughts on the machine is that it is a true keeper. The automatic threading feature of the lower looper and chain looper eliminate much of the aggravation normally associated with sergers. I did not know about this feature before buying it and it has proven to be a HUGE plus for me. How it works: just thread the path through the little metal eyes until you get to the last one that you can see. Place the thread over a hook and press the lever. The thread is taken back and hooked into the lower looper and/or chain looper.”

“All the stitches work really well and most importantly the machine does an extremely good job on a five thread safety stitch which is the main reason I bought it. My only gripe is that there is not much room under the presser foot so if this is for heavy knits like polar fleece etc then perhaps another machine would be a better option. That said, if you are a garment sewer looking to whip through slacks, skirts etc., using typical light to medium (most garment fabrics that I have used fall into this category) then this is well worth the extra money to upgrade from a 3/4 thread machine. I do not have any trouble with the threading. The automatic tension has worked in most cases and I always do a test anyways so the tiny adjustments that I have needed to make have not been a problem.”

Learn more about the Singer 14T968DC.


Post a new review for your own machine here!

Browse recent reviews for sewing machines on PR.

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Ina Skirt Tester PhotosBy Deepika on 8/25/14 4:05 PM

Our Ina Maxi Skirt is "flying" off the shelves and we're waiting anxiously to read your reviews. Did you love it as much as we did? But while we wait, I thought I'll provide some eye-candy in form of our tester Inas. Perhaps one (or all) of them will inspire you to make one. 

Nancy (Nan-Kay) couldn't just make one. She made FOUR! If I were to pick my favorite, it would be the ruffled Ina. 

Missoni fabric shines in Claire's Ina. And she inspired Connie to make hers in just one evening so they could wear it to a PR meetup!


Left to Right : Claire, Connie and Sue

Donna did a pattern mashup to create this lovely knee length Ina.

"I used the front/back (and waist facings) of the Meringue skirt for the top part, then just matched up the Ina front/back where the lower curve fit (a couple of inches below the
zipper)! I also shortened the godets, as suggested in the thread, by slashing and overlapping about 3 inches."

Don't have striped fabric? You don't need it! Twinset is rocking her Tie-Dye Ina! 


How was that for inspiration? I'll be back next week with more! 


Get your own Ina Skirt Pattern, available in Paper OR PDF only here on 

See the official launch announcement


Have you made the Ina skirt? Review it here

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LizaJune said...
Beautiful skirt! The waistband might suit a slight V-shape at the front too.
8/27/14 7:51 AM
Wintersewer said...
Beautiful! When the eye is drawn down to the floor (Instead of ending at our usually unattractive knees) we all look thinner.
8/27/14 7:52 AM
MaggieSc said...
I was thinking it might be nice done in color block with 3-4 different colors. I guess 100% organic cotton jersey would not have enough stretch for this! am I correct?
8/27/14 8:10 AM
Luv sewing said...
I am very short- 5'1" and have shorten the upper skirt part but am finding it difficult to know how to shorten the ruffle or lower skirt of the pattern. If I take out the 8" (which is how much I need to shorten it) on just the upper skirt I think it would make the upper skirt look out of proportion. Any help would be appreciated.
8/27/14 12:10 PM
diane s said...
I love the ruffle knit skirt!!
8/27/14 12:15 PM
Cikka said...
Is this the same skirt that was the subject of a recent thread? I had downloaded the pattern. What's the difference between that one and this one, please?
8/28/14 5:42 AM
Twinset said...
@cikka: yes it's the same skirt. You downloaded the beta version, meaning the pattern was still in the development stage. There are some differences/improvements between the pattern you have and the final pattern now for sale, but it would be Deepika or Catina that could specifically point out what they are. I know the godet piece was changed (the little 'bump' removed) and also the waistband, but don't know exactly how the waistband has been altered (haven't received my pattern yet).
8/28/14 2:23 PM
Deepika said...
@MaggieSc, it should be enough as long as it has a little bit of stretch. You may consider sewing in clear elastic in the waistband for recovery. I am actually thinking of making one in grey cotton jersey and stenciling it.
8/28/14 2:24 PM
kathkay said...
I have the Beta pattern cut out and taped, but understand that it is about a sz. 4. There was no directions page or pages. I think Nan mentioned some did come with her download version. Someone said something about "taking out the bump." what should I watch out for? Is there something I am missing? Sorry if these are dumb questions, I've just discovered and am totally new to all this fun stuff (I've purchased 3 colors of fabric --but no cutting or sewing yet!) If I just go ahead and invest in the paper pattern, I'm in between a L and an XL. Which do you think would be easier for me to work with? Everyone's skirts are so creative. You look smashing in yours, Deepika and Twimset's tie dye is inspiring. Kathkay
8/30/14 5:39 PM
Simplicity Weekend SaleBy AlexisW on 8/22/14 4:28 PM

All soon-to-be discontinued Simplicity Patterns are now on sale - 3 days only!

Receive up to 40% off on select Simplicity Patterns. Get ‘em while supplies last!

Pick up Best Pattern Winner, Simplicity 2599 Misses’ Top. There's over 100 reviews for this pattern!

We love turtleandi’s versions of the highly-rated Simplicity 2599. Read the complete review here.


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Browse all soon-to-be discontinued Simplicity Patterns.



Sale ends Monday, August 25th, Midnight EST.

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Mimi G Style & New Fall Collection for SimplicityBy AlexisW on 8/22/14 12:36 PM

We’re excited to see the new designs by Mimi G Style in the Simplicity Autumn 2014 Collection. One pattern, many looks! The Simplicity 1283 wardrobe includes a long-sleeve crop top, unlined jacket with belt, lined knit skirt, and flared pants. Make a bold statement with contrasting colored side panels for the pencil skirt. Great for visual learners, Mimi G also offers a video tutorial for a step-by-step demonstration on how to make these fabulous pieces. Want to see more from Mimi G? Shop the Simplicity 1276 Knit Dress, perfect for petites. Congrats, Mimi G!

AnneM says, “The MimiG wardrobe 1283 is my favorite. Put that on my wishlist already.”


For lovers of all things vintage, Simplicity 1278 Blouse is for you! This 1950s re-release by the American Sewing Guild features a lovely high-draped neckline with three-quarter or short sleeves. Sew the Simplicity 1278 top with silky or soft linen fabrics, such as crepe back satin and charmeuse. Pair this blouse with a full skirt and heels for a complete vintage ensemble. Or if you’re more of a ‘60s gal, check out the mod Simplicity 1284 Dress and Coat.

indianajoni says, “The latest Retro patterns are both great - I could see them fitting very well into a non-vintage wardrobe.”


With August coming to an end, we’ll soon be reaching for sweaters from our closets. Plan ahead with the Simplicity 1287 Boys’ and Men’s Pullover Shirt! This long-sleeve top has three variations, including a crew neck with button up yoke and a quarter zip with collar. Make these comfy pullovers in knits or fleece fabrics for cool autumn afternoons. Great as a gift for the family, the Simplicity 1287 shirt has a hip, relaxed style.

MrsCharisma says, “Two men’s patterns that aren't Hawaiian shirts!”


Browse recent reviews for Simplicity or join the chat!

Shop the new Simplicity Patterns Autumn 2014 Catalog today.

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ISewedIt said...
Congrats to MimiG - so glad to see her success!
8/22/14 2:35 PM
ntpolite said...
I totally love MiMi G and all that she creates. So happy for her success
8/28/14 10:06 AM
Member in Focus: BeckiPBy AlexisW on 8/21/14 12:35 PM

Member Since: 2009

PR Name: BeckiP

Name: Bec Prentis

Birthday: November 19th


How did you learn to sew?

“My sewing journey started when I took over my Mum's sewing machine from about the age of 13. I am largely self taught and I am still learning!”

What aspect of sewing do you find most challenging?

“I think fit is probably the most challenging part of sewing, especially when fitting on other people. Making sure what you wear fits right is super important, otherwise it'll just end up in the back of the wardrobe.”

What are you sewing right now?

“I'm working on a Winter coat and then onto a vintage dress for an upcoming vintage fair.”

What are your sewing goals for this year?

“I would like to delve more into tailoring. As I have a love of vintage clothing, tailoring really comes into play when constructing vintage garments, so learning more tailoring techniques will mean I end up with the ultimate vintage dress. Oh, and to get into sewing swimwear again to finally conquer it!”

What’s your favorite pattern?

“Asking the hard questions! If I look at it from the view of what my favourite sewn creation is, then probably Vintage Vogue 8789.”

Which sewing book do you refer to most often?

“I go between Googling and book reading when it comes to sewing advice. I do love my Vogue Sewing book and Gertie's book is fabulous.”

What you love most about PatternReview?

“I love that I can look up a pattern I am about to tackle and get hints and tips from other users. The positive creative environment on PatternReview is amazing also.”

Any other favorite hobbies?

“Anything crafty that I can get my hands on - I quilt, cross stitch and recently took up quilting. Crochet is next!”

Tell us a little more about you – profession, where you live, ect.

“I work in financial services full time but have been known to day dream about sewing projects when I am at my computer. Hopefully in the future I can further pursue my sewing hobby into a paying job. I live in a beach side suburb of Sydney called Manly, which is known as '7 Miles from Sydney and 1000 miles from care' and I couldn't agree more.”

Thank you for sharing with us, BeckiP!

Connect with BeckiP on PR.

Read more reviews by BeckiP.

16 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
Quickie said...
Thank you for sharing your sewing passion with us
8/21/14 1:16 PM
Rhoda K said...
Nice interview, thanks!
8/21/14 2:27 PM
Carol Mendoza said...
Nice interview! I've been to Manly Beach and it is quite nice indeed.
8/21/14 2:48 PM
ISewedIt said...
Great profile - thanks!
8/21/14 10:32 PM
sewtime said...
Thank you for your wonderful profile and beautifully made clothes!
8/26/14 12:31 PM
TJSEWS said...
Nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing.
8/27/14 9:47 AM
Lori V said...
Wonderful interview, thanks for sharing.
8/27/14 9:59 AM
jlso said...
It was nice meeting you and thank you for sharing your passion and dreams.
8/27/14 12:09 PM
dawn0613 said...
Your brown silky dress is stunning and you look dynamite in it! Love the red dress too and of course all of them look professional. Nice to see your work and learn about you!
8/27/14 1:30 PM
Nittywitter said...
Your clothes fit beautifully! I can't wait to see your tailored work. Best of luck!
8/27/14 1:51 PM
Ashford said...
Becki, you certainly have a good eye for your personal style. Your fitting skills are excellent. Every outfit is flattering on you. It encourages me to read about your sewing. With your attention to detail, the lessons and techniques of tailoring will be a wonderful step for you to take.
8/27/14 7:17 PM
vida123 said...
8/28/14 6:58 AM
vida123 said...
8/28/14 6:58 AM
Nancy Rhodes said...
Great to meet you here on PRcom
8/28/14 11:20 AM
Debbie Dabbles said...
As a newbie I am having so much fun with this site. This particular feature of an interview is great. Nice to meet you and love your brown formal dress.
8/28/14 3:04 PM
gonetroppo said...
love your dresses and you always get such good photos and great backdrops ;o)
8/28/14 7:18 PM
Butterick Patterns Autumn CatalogBy AlexisW on 8/20/14 2:49 PM

Now in stock! The latest Butterick Patterns Fall 2014 Collection has a little something for everyone. Peplums, midi skirts, and fitted bodices remain ever popular in this new autumn catalog from Butterick.

We love the chic scalloped lace and peplum detail of the Butterick 6095 Misses’ Top. This semi-fitted top has front button closures and three length options for sleeves. Designed for lightweight fabrics such as challis and crepe de chine, the feminine Butterick 6095 is perfect for an elegant evening out.

marec says, “6095 is cute, and might be nice for a lace or mesh top for the holidays.”


Butterick 6105 Misses’ Jacket, designed by Patterns by Gertie, is a retro-reminiscent wrap jacket with shawl collar. With a classic silhouette, this '40s-inspired jacket with bow tie is certainly an eye-catcher. If you enjoy sewing ahead for the next season, make Butterick 6105 with warm wool fabric in the full-length coat version.

LizJ58 says, "I thought the Gertie patterns were a nice change from her usual, which has been too 'bombshell' for the average person. The jacket/coat is beautiful, IMO."


The Butterick 6090 Misses’ Dress and Belt has a distinctly vintage feel with a fitted bodice and pleated skirt. For an on-trend look, sew up this dress in medium-weight woven fabrics in fun prints. With options for sleeveless, mid-length or long sleeves, this versatile dress will take you through the seasons. Be sure to check out its design lines too!

RedRockin says, “I like 6090 as well, but I think I will turn it into a shirt instead of wearing it as a dress. Love the bodice.”

Join the conversation or add your own review!


See Butterick Patterns Autumn 2014 Catalog.

1 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
ASiverson said...
I like all of the above patterns, and the last one, 6090, would be perfect as either a shirt and/or a dress! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
8/21/14 11:06 AM
Vogue Patterns 2-Day SaleBy AlexisW on 8/19/14 4:15 PM

For two days only, all Vogue Patterns are now on sale for $6.99!

Can't decide on a favorite? Browse recent reviews for Vogue Patterns in the gallery.

Or, get inspired with these fab fabric suggestions from Emma One Sock!

Buy Fall 2014 Vogue Patterns 1412 Misses' Top for only $6.99.


Check out 3kids1036's review for Vogue Patterns 9021 Misses' Dress. So chic!

See the entire Autumn 2014 Collection from Vogue Patterns.


*Free members, join Friends of PR now to save even more on your order!


Hurry, this fantastic deal won't last long!


Sale ends Midnight EST on Wednesday, August 20th.  

2 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
Loualibar said...
When I add patterns to my cart they are not showing the sale price as $6.99 but the original price. When does the price reduction show on the cart? Cheers Loualibar
8/21/14 7:59 AM
AlexisW said...
Hi Loualibar, the Vogue $6.99 sale ended yesterday at midnight
8/21/14 10:17 AM
Announcing new pattern - Ina Maxi SkirtBy Deepika on 8/18/14 10:34 AM

As much as I am into dresses this year, its no secret that I am a separates girl. Maybe its because my first sewn garment was a skirt! Even when the Maxi dress trend began, I felt most comfortable with a maxi skirt but pretty soon they all looked the same and I needed something a little extra. So when I spotted a skirt I fell in love with, I asked YOU to help me make it. Was there a pattern for it? Yes, maybe a few. But Catina explained, the "secret sauce" of my inspiration skirt was the shape of the godets which cleverly followed the stripes in the fabric making it like no other skirt we'd ever seen. "Would you like me to post some instructions on how to tweak a pattern or I can even draft a pattern for it". Make a pattern? HELLO! Of course! So from design to conception to testing and tweaking we did it all right here, on PatternReview. Without further ado, I give you,

The Ina Maxi Skirt #104 - A PR Exclusive Pattern


A Slight A-Line Knit skirt which flares at the knee slightly to accomodate two bias godets inserted very cleverly so they have no side seams. As our testers started submitting photos, we were oohing and aahing over how good this skirt looked on all body types so we decided to make a plus size version as well.

Even though a striped fabric really shows off the godets, our testers took it upon themselves to think outside the box and use different fabrics and prints to take advantage of the lovely shape.

Color-Blocking, Exposed seams, Ruffled Fabric, Self-created striped fabric, Tie-Dye, Lace to name a few. In the coming few weeks, I'll show you all these and more.

Why A-Line? Because mermaid I'm not and neither are most peopleAnd because we like to breathe in our garments and not feel self conscious. Dressing for my body is my mantra these days. Ina Maxi Skirt makes me feel Pretty! Isn't that what its all about? 

About the Pattern Format
Ah, the ongoing PDF/Paper debate. I understand arguments from both sides and because I love you both, this pattern is available in paper AND digital format. Take your pick! Also, because the pattern pieces are cleverly designed and placed, this skirt only takes 20 pages. Can I get a round of applause for Catina please?

About the Instructions
Even though this skirt is so easy to make, I've written detailed instructions with step by step photos and illustrations so you'll really have no excuse not to make itCan you tell I love this pattern?


Get your own copy of this fabulous new skirt pattern and twirl with us! 


UPDATE  August 25th 

Ina Tester Photos Part 1

25 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
mrsbewley said...
Yay!Can't wait to make mine up!
8/18/14 12:52 PM
canei said...
8/18/14 1:38 PM
Erin Sooit said...
What a fabulous project! Congratulations to Deepika, Catina and of course all of the beta testers. It is a really pretty skirt. Edited to add that ALL the models look great too! :D
8/18/14 3:39 PM
Nancy Rhodes said...
OUW! do I love that pattern... might give up pants for the rest of the summer and go to the skirt-side... Ordering tomorrow no doubt... thanks! and A++++ for the choice paper or PDF... and that round of applause for Catina? here it is: {[< clap >]} and repeat...
8/18/14 4:57 PM
ConnieBJ said...
It is such a great skirt! Classy and swishy without too much fabric involved!
8/18/14 5:43 PM
daintydeb said...
Thank you, Deepika for the paper version for those like me who prefer paper. It is already in my cart.
8/18/14 6:28 PM
Bonnie O said...
8/18/14 7:02 PM
TJSEWS said...
It's a beautiful skirt!
8/18/14 7:55 PM
curvesmart said...
How much did the skirt change from the tester pattern?
8/18/14 10:03 PM
Danvillegirl said...
Very nice pattern!
8/19/14 5:10 AM
janet said...
8/19/14 8:37 AM
Dreadrev said...
Love it. Versatile for many body types-all looking good. Can't wait for mine.
8/19/14 9:49 AM
carolynw said...
Love it - have watched it take shape and huge thanks to Catina!
8/19/14 10:06 AM
Shona said...
I'm in the PDF camp; I hate to wait. Mine was in the cart before I finished reading the newsletter. I've been a maxi-skirt (or as y husband says, "hippie skirt" fan, in fashion or not, forever. Comfortable and can go everywhere. Love it!
8/19/14 12:52 PM
ASiverson said...
This is such a terrific skirt! I can't wait to make mine up! Thank you so much!
8/19/14 2:20 PM
geckokl said...
Is there a zipper in the waistband? Pockets? Think this can be hacked to make a just-below-the-knee version instead of a maxi?
8/19/14 2:55 PM
Deepika said...
@geckokl, yes it can totally be shortened. There are shorten/lengthen lines on the pattern. And then you could take some length off the godets too. In fact a member just sent me a photo of her knee length Ina.
8/19/14 3:54 PM
wimmie said...
great looking skirt. Thanks Deepika and Catina
8/19/14 8:05 PM
Susie Sewsmuch said...
I know it stated 'all body types'... but I hesitate and wonder if this style may not be for me. I'm 4'10 inches..... very short. I don't want to wear anything that will make me appear visually shorter. What do you think?
8/19/14 11:24 PM
Robyn16626 said...
Ooo, congratulations on this lovely, clever and easy pattern! Hope it's the first of many!!
8/20/14 3:21 AM
Deepika said...
@Susie Sewsmuch You could shorten it. But I think you will like it as is. Vertical stripes are very flattering.
8/21/14 3:15 PM
Quickie said...
I am already fond of this pattern. I would love to see a picture of Catina in this group.
8/24/14 8:20 AM
Deepika said...
Great idea Quickie. I'll ask Catina for a photo.
8/25/14 4:06 PM
slpteacher21 said...
Deepika, where did you purchase your striped fabric. I love that look on this skirt and would like very much to duplicate it.
8/29/14 10:50 AM
Arted said...
I just purchased the skirt. This is my first digital. How do I download the pattern? Thanks.
8/29/14 4:17 PM
New Fall/Winter Collection from NamedBy AlexisW on 8/14/14 12:12 PM

Named Clothing Patterns newly released Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, Ritual, features decorative pieces with unusual cuts. From jackets to jumpers, Ritual uses natural materials and simple silhouettes for a more earthy autumn style.

With patterns ranging from very simple to advanced skill sets, this contemporary catalog encourages all sewers to explore and challenge themselves in the design process.

Feeling creative? Mix and match materials with the hip Mai Zip Jacket. Perfect for cool fall afternoons, this short, lined jacket has a stand-up collar and hidden in-seam pockets for added interest. Great for color-blocking, the front contrast panels around the zipper can be sewed up using wool or other durable, medium-weight fabrics.

If you’re up to your ears in skinny jeans, the Wyome Boyfriend Jeans might be just what your wardrobe needs. These loose-fitting, five pocket pants can be sewed with elastic or inelastic denim. The Wyome Boyfriend Jeans have a low-waisted fit with the legs tapering towards the bottom. Along with the stylish front button closures, these fashion-forward jeans are not your average pair of denims.

Just in time for autumn weddings and events, the Leotie Midi Dress & Skirt features a fitted waist for a flattering silhouette. Choose from a sleeved cocktail dress or gathered high-waisted skirt. The Leotie Midi Dress is fully-lined with a heart-shaped yoke and back v-neck. Suggested for thick, structured fabrics, the Leotie Midi Dress & Skirt can be made in cloque, dupion silk and brocade.


Shop the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection by Named


Have you sewed Named Clothing Patterns? Write a new review or comment below!

6 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
paloverde said...
What in the world is going on with the back pocket on the Named jeans??? Is this a trend to have pockets so low that you completely sit on them?
8/15/14 1:06 PM
LJDesigns99 said...
I too, must comment on those jeans. Boyfriend, or not, that is not a good fit. Too much fabric in the front crotch, and no shape to the back/butt. The thigh fabric is draping straight down from her butt. Don't even get me started on the bad placement of the pockets! Other things are cute.
8/15/14 2:30 PM
errantpear said...
I think the fit on the jeans is intentional. That's just the style. I wouldn't ever wear that cut - at least not in jeans. But maybe in another fabric it wouldn't be so off-putting?
8/18/14 6:32 AM
JNE4SL said...
The front crotch does worry me, only because it's extra fabric exactly where I might be altering to begin with but I think it's only slightly off. I think the back fit is on trend, the yoke and crotch are quite fitted, the leg is loose. I've seen pockets this low before but it is likely I'd move them up some. I think the boyfriend trend, for what it's worth, is to look like oversized without being very oversized. Long front crotch and low pockets add to the illusion.
8/18/14 12:09 PM
wzrdreams said...
There is nothing wrong with the fit of those jeans on the model. I suspect that some people may object to the style, but notice that these are "boyfriend" jeans. Boyfriends don't usually wear jeans with the same amount of style ease as women. I see that the back rise cups the derriere well and there is enough ease in the front to preserve ones modesty. This isn't the same old tight fitting boot cut jean pattern you can already find in multiple pattern brands. It's definitely one I'd like to add to my pattern stash.
8/19/14 9:43 AM
JNE4SL said...
wzrdreams, I was trying to say the same thing, just thinking out loud about altering at the same time, since I'm likely 8" shorter than the Named model. I've traced the pattern it looks exactly like I'd expect. Quite similar to the Jamies which I have made but the crotch is shaped slightly differently and is lower. The fit is looser, the rise is about the same. The waistband is still contour but with a gentler curve. All leads me to believe a looser fit but not overwhelmingly so and tailored to the same figure.
8/20/14 6:12 PM
Sewing Spaces - Sugar Pie Chic ToursBy AlexisW on 8/13/14 12:11 PM

If you’ve recently moved to a new house or apartment and are in the process of arranging your sewing space, things can be a little overwhelming! Whether you’re adjusting to a larger or smaller sized room for your sewing, it’s always great to have suggestions for making our spaces more efficient. We love Sugar Pie Chic’s practical storage solutions for her new open workspace.

Sugar Pie Chic says, "It has been a while since I showed my sewing room Sewing and Craft Studio. Mainly, the space has been a mess and we needed to resolve some storage issues. We were storing a box spring for a neighbor. There were these storage shelves that have since been moved to Mr. Seasoned Homemaker’s office... When we last left off the room was in progress. While there are a few things that still need addressing, it is at a place that is functional and full of storage. My friends, I give you my (newly renamed) Sewing and Craft Studio."

"Having this room is such a blessing. On the plus side, the mess from most projects stays upstairs and away from our living areas. The only reason to go upstairs is to use the room. Nothing is really permanent (except those cabinets which are never getting moved) and I can rearrange things to suit my needs."

Republished with permission from Sugar Pie Chic.

Thanks for sharing with us, Sugar Pie Chic!

Visit Sugar Pie Chic's blog, The Seasoned Homemaker, for more details.


Get this look!

Images left to right: Arrow Sewing Cabinets Sewnatra, Ikea Pax, The Container Store Elfa.


Tour more sewing spaces from this series:

MelelizaIrmartinColeenSDeb Thompson


Join the DIY conversation!

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BlossomKyle said...
I love Leslie's blog--I always learn something!
8/13/14 10:06 PM
Molliefran said...
Great Room! I needed to see this. My sewing/bonus room is also the only reason to go upstairs. However, it contains a never used treadmill. This gives me inspiration to jump into the organization mode.
8/14/14 9:33 AM
arianamaniacs said...
I just bought a white 2.2m high and wide cabinet for my sewing room and cant wait for it to arrive either. Everything looks so organized! Thats my goal too
8/19/14 12:32 PM
HDWen said...
Great job finding places that fit everything so well! How wonderful organized it looks, thank you
8/20/14 6:32 AM
sewpositive said...
I love the space. It's so bright and clean. I love the cabinets. I would need one for patterns alone and at least 3 for fabric. I'm inspired. Thanks.
8/20/14 1:05 PM
Flash Sale! Select Butterick PatternsBy AlexisW on 8/12/14 12:05 PM

For a limited time, all soon-to-be discontinued Butterick Patterns are now on sale beginning today!

These great savings are available for 2 days only, so don't miss your chance to pick up your favorites while quantities last!

Receive up to 40% off for Friends of PR members and 30% off for all other members.


Save on highly-rated Butterick 5672 Misses' Dress today!

*Free members, join Friends of PR now to save even more on your order!

Sale ends Midnight EST on Wednesday, August 13th. 


Shop all soon-to-be discontinued Butterick Patterns.

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Meet the Mini-Wardrobe Contest Winners!By AlexisW on 8/11/14 2:33 PM

Who wouldn’t love a wardrobe that could be effortlessly mixed and matched? The goal for the Mini-Wardrobe Contest was to create five unique pieces that could combine to create six distinctive looks. Lots of planning is involved to build a cohesive wardrobe, including color combinations and overall concept. For their final entry, participants created a composite review for their ensembles with a photo collage of all six outfits. Check out all of the contestant submissions in the Gallery – very inspirational!

You voted! Time to meet the winners...


First Prize Winner: annie11 for No Pattern Used: Autumn Berry Wardrobe (Mini-Wardrobe Contest 2014)

Fantastic work, annie11! Congrats!

annie11 says, "You know that time of year when it is still hot enough for short sleeves, but chilly in the morning, and the leaves start turning colors? The perfect time of year to go for long walks, and sit outside at cafes enjoying time with friends. It's my favorite time of year! That is feeling that I'm trying to create with my Autumn Berry Wardrobe."


Second Prize Winner: ToileAndTrouble for Self Drafted Pattern: 355971-1001 (Orange Is the New Black)

Lovely colors, ToileAndTrouble!

ToileAndTrouble says, "I'm pleased that the combination ended up being so cohesive. I'm also happy that I followed through on my plan. I'm looking forward to wearing these! And, I think that this exercise was great practice for sewing with mindfulness and considering a collection of clothes to wear as a series of outfits."


Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Mini-Wardrobe Contest!

A big thank you to the Contest Manager, Sigrid.

PatternReview is the proud sponsor of the Mini-Wardrobe Contest.

We love surprises here at PatternReview and thought the contestants deserved a little something extra for their amazing entries. So we've sent a surprise gift in the mail for all of you! Congrats on your new mini-wardrobes!


See all the submissions in the Contest Gallery.

Review the contest Report and Rules.

Follow the behind-the-scenes Contestant Conversation.


Join a Contest on PR today!

24 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
artysam said...
well done ladies, all the entries were fantastic!!!
8/11/14 2:36 PM
BlueSkysAhead said...
Wonderful job ladies. Way to go! Lovely mini wardrobes.
8/11/14 5:37 PM
Rhoda K said...
Congrats to the winners and to all who participated!
8/11/14 7:28 PM
Nessa09 said...
How awesome! Congratulations to the winners! There were a lot of great submissions!
8/11/14 8:11 PM
Ashford said...
Enjoy your well earned prizes, Annie and Toile. I raise a toast to all the Contestants. Every entry was so wonderful, it took me hours to place my votes.
8/11/14 8:36 PM
marykpfist said...
Congratulations! Absolutely fabulous work! I'm with Ashford-- it took me forever to limit votes to just 5. And what a great group of motivators.
8/11/14 11:20 PM
Erin Sooit said...
Congratulations to Annnie and Toile! Great wardrobes!
8/11/14 11:59 PM
Danvillegirl said...
Congratulations to both of you! Your garment combinations were very well planned.
8/12/14 5:19 AM
ASiverson said...
Beautiful work, ladies! Thank you so much for sharing, and congratulations. I love your mini wardrobes!
8/12/14 9:06 AM
Lori V said...
Congratulations to Annie and Toille, great job.
8/12/14 9:06 AM
beanchor said...
Congrats! What great wardrobes.
8/12/14 9:34 AM
reader218 said...
I am inspired by you all. Congratulations!
8/12/14 10:11 AM
Popculturemom said...
Fantastic work, ladies!
8/12/14 12:04 PM
Cynthia Peacock said...
They're both fantastic. Toile, you were able to make a collection where you could group the separate for everything from a very casual look to a business like look. Great accessorizing Annie.
8/12/14 2:24 PM
ldpaulson said...
Congrats to the winners on well-deserved recognition of your skills and fortitude. And to everyone who entered, a job well done. Voting was a lengthy process fraught with indecision! (At least it was for me.)
8/12/14 3:02 PM
SewLibra said...
Great job, ladies! All the outfits are beautiful, well fitting, and look like true fashion "collections". Congrats!
8/12/14 7:01 PM
Alison78 said...
They are awesome! Almost makes me want to go back to the office! (Almost.)
8/13/14 0:07 AM
MrsCharisma said...
CONGRATS!!! Both fantastic entries!!! Hope you enjoy wearing them!
8/13/14 9:48 AM
Laurie Lou said...
It was so hard for me to many good entries on this ones. bth nailed it! Winners inspired me!
8/13/14 11:19 AM
JanieMS said...
Great job to all the participants. I am excited to try creating a mini wardrobe
8/13/14 7:28 PM
TJSEWS said...
Congrats to both winners. Beautiful garments!
8/13/14 10:45 PM
KHinson said...
Very nice collections. Congratulations!
8/16/14 10:37 AM
MrsKDoggett said...
Wow! Both of these wardrobes are outstanding. Nicely done!!!
8/16/14 10:42 PM
canei said...
Congrats to the winners.... :-)
8/18/14 1:13 PM
Sewing Machines - Review HighlightsBy AlexisW on 8/7/14 2:42 PM

Have a question about a recently acquired sewing machine? Get advice from fellow PR members in the Sewing Machine Forum.

Baby Lock Jane

sewrose on the Baby Lock Jane Sewing Machine

sewrose says, "I'd considered buying an industrial machine. Then I considered the space I'd need for it, the noise it would make, and the service it would need on site. Then I found Jane."

"I like it for being a sort of an answer to the home sewer's desire for industrial machine-like characteristics. It's so powerful, so fast, and has so much torque. You can change the presser foot pressure, and lower and raise the feed dogs. It only makes a straight stitch, but it's an awesome straight stitch. It's got so much room to the right and left of the throat plate. I love it."

Read more about the Baby Lock Jane.


Brother 2340CV

ditchstitcher on the Brother 2340CV Coverstitch

ditchstitcher says, "I own a small alterations business and have always wanted a coverstitch machine. When I started my business it was just too expensive to find a serger that had coverhem capabilities. So I waited. Using a twin needle was sufficient. In the last couple of years I have seen such an increase in softer rayon knits in skirts and tops and maxi dresses and the twin needle just wasn't working as well as it had. I decided it was time to make the leap."

"I couldn't get it to form a stitch at first, but, within an hour I was hemming customers garments and changing threads. Pulled a few of the scraps out of the trash that had been such a headache with the twin needle a few days earlier and they zipped right through! Beautiful!! Love this machine!"

See ditchstitcher's complete review.


Browse more sewing machine reviews.

Post a new review for your machine!

0 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
Pattern Stash Contest Winners!By AlexisW on 8/6/14 11:10 AM

If you have a huge collection of patterns but can’t find the time to sew them all, the Pattern Stash Contest was for you! For the month of July, participants were challenged to sew up as much of their pattern stash as possible. With submissions ranging from apparel to accessories, this contest also included a number of non-garment items.

The more patterns you sewed, the more points you earned! The Pattern Stash Contest was based on a point system, so the winning contestant sewed the most patterns from their stash within the contest time frame. For the remaining participants, a second winner was selected through random drawing for an additional chance to win a prize.

You won’t believe how much these contestants have sewed... over 300 completed projects! Check out the Contest Report to see the total items made and yardage used. Amazing work, everyone!

Now let's meet the contest winners...


First Prize Winner: beanchor with 51 Points

Wow, beanchor! Congratulations!

beanchor says, “Thanks crazygrad, PR, Patternade, and fellow participants. I am so excited! I have not done any pattern drafting, so I am thrilled to give Patternade a try. This was so much fun! What a great challenge for myself. I was kept on my toes with this one. I have enjoyed seeing the projects of the other entrants and am anxious to acquire some of those as well.”


Second Prize Winner: rieski with 28 Points

Congratulations, rieski!

rieski says, "Thank you crazygrad for managing this event, you did an outstanding job. Thanks PatternReview and all its members, I love this place. And thanks, Patternade, I will work hard to prove your software proud!"


Congratulations to all who participated in the Pattern Stash Contest!

Special thanks to the Contest Manager, crazygrad.

Patternade is the proud sponsor of the Pattern Stash Contest. Thank you!

See all the stash entries on the Contest Gallery page.

Review the Contest Report and Rules.

Follow the lively Contest Discussion for more details.


Join the fun! See all Currently Running Contests on PR.

10 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
Danvillegirl said...
Congratulations to you both! Wow a lot of entries.
8/7/14 5:21 AM
ASiverson said...
Congratulations to you both! It was a hard decision, but so happy you both won! Keep up the great work!
8/7/14 8:49 AM
hopflower said...
Both of you deserve to win. You did a beautiful job on your clothes, and very nice choices in the styles and colour.
8/8/14 10:04 AM
BlueSkysAhead said...
Simply amazing sewing that much in one month. Congrats to both!
8/11/14 5:38 PM
VivianZ said...
Holy Moly! That's a lot of sewing and I bet a wonderful sense of accomplishment, not only on using stash patterns, but on winning! Way to sew!
8/12/14 9:59 AM
Alison78 said...
That lacy too and jumpsuit are just fab! Inspiring!
8/13/14 0:09 AM
TJSEWS said...
Well-deserved wins to both of you that's for sure! Beautiful!
8/13/14 10:47 PM
KHinson said...
Wonderful work. Congratulations!
8/16/14 10:38 AM
I made it said...
Congratulations to you both! What beautiful outfits!
8/18/14 11:03 AM
ISewedIt said...
Wow, awesome job ladies!
8/21/14 10:49 PM
Member in Focus: SunnysewerBy AlexisW on 8/5/14 10:30 AM

Member Since: 2009

PR Name: sunnysewer

Name: Beth Galvin

Birthday: September 2nd


How did you learn to sew?

"My great-aunt Jo was my first teacher when I was 8 years old. I took some lessons after school with a woman in our neighborhood and any classes I could find up through high school. Later on, living in San Francisco I took classes at The Sewing Workshop with Marcy Tilton, Sandra Betzina and lots of other great teachers. Other than that I’d say mostly practice and getting to know which fabrics to use with various patterns. There were quite a few less than perfect items sewn when I was in junior high and high school but at the time I thought they were fantastic. Which is a good thing to give you the confidence to continue sewing and learning."

What aspect of sewing do you find most challenging?

"Mostly in deciding what to make! There are so many great patterns and fabrics that it is difficult to stick with any sort of plan so I rarely do. Pants are challenging for me as for many people, so I would like to get a really good pants pattern done that I can adapt to a lot of styles. I love tailoring so I try to pick an interesting challenge in that category each winter. Maybe I am the only one but I think pattern fitting actually fun, so the puzzle of working out the fit on a new pattern is definitely a challenge but something I enjoy doing. I love really complex patterns with lots of marking, pleating and multiple pieces although each time I finish one of these I have to make a quick knit top to clear my head."

Which sewing book do you refer to most often?

"Fit for Real People by Palmer and Pletsch."

What are your sewing goals for this year?

"I have been trying to make more separates and casual things that fit with my day-to-day life. I absolutely love to make coats but living in Northern California we only have a few months per year to wear them so I really don’t need any more. I have more dresses than I can possibly wear but there are always so many ideas and inspirations so I do keep making new ones. I also want to get better at fitting pants, and make something in leather, which I have done before but not for a long time. I often make my own patterns by copying an existing item. I have a couple of these patterns completed for members of my family so I would like to get those sewn up in the fall."

What’s your favorite pattern?

"This question is so tough! I am a big fan of the Vogue Designer patterns and my all time favorite is a Donna Karan OOP pattern, Vogue 2470 which I used to sew a coral red wool crepe dress. I rarely wear black so this is my LBD but in red which I have worn so many times."

What are you sewing right now?

"Just starting a silk jersey wrap dress in royal blue for a friend, using an OOP pattern, Vogue 7693. It has very mixed reviews so stay tuned."

What do you like/dislike about your current sewing machine?

"Well I am a loyal Singer user and still own the machine that I took over from my mom when I was 8. It is a Singer 404, straight stitch only, and I have pretty much sewn with that forever. I love the warm light it has and it sews beautifully, plus those old Singers have great punching power, so it can sew through just about anything. Also the various feet and accessories just have a nice feel and weight to them, all metal parts and they were made to last. For years people have always presumed that I have a very fancy machine, if they only knew! I guess sewing with an old machine is like driving a clutch – you have to be a little ambidextrous and turn the wheel, etc. but once you learn it sticks with you forever. A few years ago someone gave me a Singer 503 which is the zig-zag version of the other one, with all the various cams to do different stitches. It uses all the same feet and attachments and sews just as well."

"Last year I bought a new Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 which is an electronic machine, my first. Mostly because students who hadn’t used an older machine could not get the hang of the older one and it was a bit distracting to spend time on that instead of other techniques. The new Singer works well and is very easy to use. Plus it has the push-button thread cutting feature which is quite exciting for someone who never had any bells or whistles on my machine. However the buttonhole maker is useless. Most importantly – the older Singers have the best zipper foot, that slides left and right so that’s what I use for invisible zippers."

"I have a Huskylock 901 serger that lives at my house, it is my neighbor’s but she 'loaned' it to me 4 years ago. I rarely use it, only for finishing seam edges that are not enclosed in linings or on fabrics such as denim. For knits I use my other machines and they work fine."

What you love most about PatternReview?

"I love being able to see how a pattern that I am considering looks on other people, with various fabric choices and body shapes. I am always on the lookout for a pattern that suits both my shape and the type of fabrics I want to use. I know PatternReview has saved me from sewing up something that will not work for me so I really appreciate that. On the other hand I see so many great items that I want to make too and there is never enough time! Because of PatternReview I have found so many great people sewing fantastic things and I get to have a peek into their creative process, they are such a source of inspiration."

Any other favorite hobbies?

"Too many, and every year something new. Gardening, cooking, baking, travel, sitting under a palm tree by the ocean, speaking Italian and studying French."

Tell us a little more about you - profession, where you live, etc.

"I teach sewing to individuals and sew custom pieces for just a few people. I also do consulting work in my previous field, sales/marketing in the biotech industry. I live in the San Francisco bay area, and have been here my whole life, it is such a great place to live. I know so many people look forward to the fall patterns but I really love warm weather so living in California allows me to sew and wear my favorite wardrobe category, summer clothes."

Thanks for sharing with us, sunnysewer!

Connect with sunnysewer on PR.

See more reviews by sunnysewer.

13 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
Angela64 said...
Sunnysewer has a WONDERFUL blog, very informative. So glad she is a member of PR!
8/5/14 1:38 PM
Nancy Rhodes said...
So very lovely to meet you! thanks for sharing the personal side of your sewing life with your pals on PR. Keep on stitchin'
8/5/14 10:05 PM
Js621d said...
I inherited my mom' sold Singer(319w), and do the majority of my sewing on it. It was used by my mother almost every day since 1958, and it still produces a great stitch. Glad I'm not the only person to be sewing on an older machine!
8/5/14 10:33 PM
TJSEWS said...
Nice to meet you! And bravo to you for enjoying the fit process.
8/5/14 11:18 PM
Kabunta said...
So nice to read more about you. Your sewing is so beautiful.
8/6/14 5:18 AM
Rhoda K said...
Nice to meet you. I feel like I do know you a little as I follow your blog. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
8/6/14 8:38 AM
velosewer said...
Sunnysewer makes are the best.
8/7/14 1:01 AM
jjosiejo said...
Very inspiring!
8/7/14 4:00 AM
Maryanne95 said...
I really like the way your guys share your knowledge through wonderful blog
8/9/14 0:13 AM
BlueSkysAhead said...
I love your style. You are very informative in your reviews, thank you.
8/11/14 5:43 PM
poppykettle said...
So lovely to read a little more about you, Beth :)
8/20/14 4:29 AM
BlossomKyle said...
I'm always impressed by all the jackets you make. and I love your dresses too. It's really too bad that your buttonholer on your new machine doesn't work because it is quite amazing when it does work!
8/20/14 6:00 PM
Sue Parrott said...
Congrats being picked as the MIF! Love your blog too!
8/20/14 7:39 PM
Yaletown & Rae - New from Sewaholic PatternsBy AlexisW on 8/4/14 1:14 PM

Now in stock! The new Yaletown from Sewaholic Patterns is a flattering mock-wrap dress and blouse. Comfortable yet stylish, the Yaletown accentuates the figure with a tie belt and feminine flutter sleeves for a proportioned silhouette. Add the optional button at the center front to prevent unintended gaping. The Yaletown dress has a breezy summer style that is perfect for day to evening wear. And we love the pockets! With no zippers or buttons, the Yaletown blouse is also easy to sew and portioned for pear-shaped figures.

Catch the Yaletown Sew-Along in September for helpful pattern adjustments and suggestions by Sewaholic.


Designed specifically for beginner sewers, the Rae Skirt is Sewaholic Patterns' most recent release. If you’re learning to sew and would like to try your first garment project, the Rae Skirt is for you! Developed in collaboration with sewing instructors, the Rae Skirt has modern directions and diagrams to complete your first garment pattern independently.

Just in time for summer, the Rae Skirt also offers various length and fullness options, without the boxy look. For those more experienced sewers, the Rae Skirt is a fun, instant-gratification project that can be quickly completed.

Read member reviews for Sewaholic Patterns.


Shop Sewaholic's new catalog today!


1 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
Maryanne95 said...
Really wonderful like everything
8/9/14 0:14 AM
Time to Vote! Mini Wardrobe and Pattern Stash ContestsBy AlexisW on 8/1/14 1:02 PM

The Mini Wardrobe Contest has concluded! For this contest, participants were asked to create five unique pieces that could combine to create six separate looks. Not an easy feat! Choices of garment styles were entirely up to the contestant, as long as the ensembles could mix-and-match.

For the final entry, participants created a collage of all six outfits and a composite review of their mini-wardrobe. Winners are chosen by member vote, so make yours count! Remember, each member can vote on up to five entries.

Voting for the Mini Wardrobe Contest begins Saturday, August 2nd.

Review the Contest Gallery page for all submissions and vote by Saturday, August 9th.

Vote today!


Do you have a collection of unused patters at home, waiting to sewed? The Pattern Stash Contest gave members the opportunity to sew up as much of their pattern stash as possible within the month of July. That’s a lot of patterns!

Unique from recent contests, the Pattern Stash Contest is based on a point system. For each pattern used, the contestant will earn one point. The stash winner will be the member who uses the most patterns for their entry. A second winner will be randomly drawn, so other participants will also have a chance at winning a prize. Open to both apparel and craft submissions, the Pattern Stash Contest had a whopping 116 participants!

See all Pattern Stash contestant entries on the Contest Gallery page.


Considering joining a contest? Sign up today for the TNT Tee Contest!

1 Comments      Login to Add a Comment
Maryanne95 said...
Looks Amazing .
8/9/14 0:16 AM

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