How to post photos on your reviews

To get the Finished Garment Photo URL, you need to upload (save) your Digital photos on the web. If you have a Digital Camera, this job becomes a little easier, in that the photos are already in the digital format. If you don't then you either get them scanned or scan them yourself if you have a scanner. Another quick and easy way to get the photos online is to get them copied on a CD when you get them developed. Once you have the digital photo on your computer or on a disk, to be able to share it with others, you need to put them on the WEB. For that you either need a web page of your own or have an online photo album where you can upload your photos. provides an easy way to share your photos with others. Friends of PR Photo Album. In this easy to link system, you just follow step by step directions to save your photo to your ONLINE PHOTO ALBUM and link it to your review in two easy steps. Help is provided on the photo album on how to access your album gallery view as well as how to include a second photo in your reviews. This feature is available to all Friends of PR Members. sign up today to get your own online photo album!

If you do not wish to become a Friends of PR Member, sign up for an account with one of the online photo album sites. Most of these sites are free and offer a limited amount of web space for storing your photos. Please note that some Online photo albums require visitors to sign in before allowing them to view photos. Some examples of such sites are

Once you have your photo album set up and you have added your photos there, simply go to the photo you want to post on your review, right click on the image and choose 'Properties'. In the gray box, you will see an 'Address' field, copy the entire URL from there (this is your photo URL at your online photo album or your web page) and paste it in the 'Finished Garment Photo URL' field in your review. In Netscape, right click on the image and click on 'copy image location'.
MAC Users: Press and hold down the 'Control' key and click on the image. Choose 'Open in a new window' from the menu and copy the URL from the address bar when it opens the image in a new window. Paste this URL in the Finished Garment Photo in your review. Make sure that the URL starts with http://.

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