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Tips & Techniques > Industrial zipper sewing method

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Posted by: Kathleen Fasanella
Friend of PR

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NM United States
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Posted on: 6/1/05 9:44 AM
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There's a much simpler way to sew zippers than pinning, basting and praying. Stitchers rarely stop to consider this but zippers are an ENGINEERED product and designed to be sewn the way that manufacturers do it as they sew more zippers than anyone.

I know that home sewers are probably tired of competing information by so-called "experts" but all I can say is we've never heard of these experts on this side and regardless of the company, any professional manufacturer sews zippers this way.

For a step by step illustration on how to sew zippers professionally (industrial) complete with detailed photos, free template patterns and written instructions, go to my blog at There, you'll also find a lapped zipper application as well as many other INDUSTRIAL standards.

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trishapatk said... (11/3/14 1:48 PM) Reply
I think Kathleen is a genius and I see nothing wrong with her post. She is offering something to us that she spend plenty of time putting together. She puts a lot of great information on her website and/or blog and she is very helpful. I think this is a misunderstanding and I think that Kathleens intentions are very good.
ChristinePDX said... (9/26/10 5:07 PM) Reply
I only ever use Kathleen's methods for zipper installation, they are the best of the best.
marymary86 said... (4/7/10 6:54 PM) Reply
Thanks Kathleen - I can't wait to check out your blog!
maggot said... (3/10/09 2:41 PM) Reply
Her site has excellent tips and instructions! I encourage you to make good use of her time.
j.l. said... (3/2/09 6:59 PM) Reply
on the blog the zipper tutorials are in the May 2005 archives
lilyofthevalley said... (4/11/08 2:44 PM) Reply
Excellent tip, Kathleen, and thank you for so generously sharing your photos and techniques. Skillfully done, Lily
Danielle said... (11/7/06 8:14 PM) Reply
I do not understand all the commotion. I found the information extremely useful and would like to thank Kathkeen for taking the time and generously sharing her expertise with us. Her other review on the drafting book was also very enlightning and make me hunger for more.
sandra elizabeth said... (9/29/05 6:49 PM) Reply
I have to say I'm a huge fan of Kathleen's. I'm a factory trained and experienced patternmaker, and I actually agree with a lot of what she says. I'm glad the misunderstanding has been cleared up - she has so much to offer, and as far as I can tell, she's the only one from the RTW side offering it. Hats off to her!
Ying said... (6/8/05 3:39 PM) Reply
I've read Kathleen's book a few years ago and had even considered signing up for a class that she offered in her TX home, but didn't signup because I faile the autism? quiz? I was pleasantly surprise that she was posting here, until I read the string of comments. Wow! PR members are very passionate about their website. The zipper tip is helpful and I enjoy the pictures. I'm going to check out the zipper site, next. Comment section is also helpful! Thanks everyone!
Sew it seams said... (6/8/05 8:38 AM) Reply
Thank you for sharing an extremely useful and clear method of applying zippers. I love photos that show each step, because I am a visual learner. BTW, I've been sewing for 30+ years. Many, many zippers later, I thank you for this tip!
esmer said... (6/7/05 6:19 PM) Reply
Kathleen take a yoga class. It is just a zipper! No rules are need on sewing them on it is pretty basic and a little exprience can tackle. Remember every sewing machine is different just like a car, however we all get where we need to go with our zipper sewn in our skirts and zip up! P.s Honestly, I don't see any differents in how your zipper was sewn on versus how my zipper are sewn plus I didn't need a template and, I don't baste my zipper nor pin them on and as for praying I pray for world peace not for a zipper. Been sewing zipper on for 15 years or more now.
Mary Stiefer said... (6/7/05 5:21 PM) Reply
Kathleen - we all need to take a step backward. This website is too much fun to have so much misunderstandings. I'm as guilty as the next one and ' I agree " we should just all start over. Hope all goes well.
KarmenG said... (6/3/05 8:22 PM) Reply
PR has become a place for learning and sharing; a community for exchange and encouragement. A place of mutual respect, of developing friendships.....the give and the take without hidden agendas. It's obvious the members love to share their passion for sewing and offer up anything that we've mastered. Isn't it fabulous to share an art that transcends generations - from grandmother to mother to daughter or son, from aunt to niece, from friend to friend? Unfortunately this Tip came across, not with a similar tone of camaraderie or genuine interest to share. That's what when wrong in my opinion. I welcome Kathleen to start over as she requests. I hope she can take some time to find out who we home sewers are and perhaps learn from us, as we could learn from her. Take some time to learn who the PR members are - who spend so much of their free time doing something they love! Most are not in the business - this is pleasure - this is their hobby - this is our creativity and self expression. We need to nurture that spirit and support one another - regardless of our background or occupations.
drsue said... (6/3/05 6:14 PM) Reply
As an FYI on Asbergers: it's a psychiatric condition in which the sufferers basicaly have an inability to "read" other people's social cues. They just don't get when they are doing or saying things that just about everyone else on the planet would know is a social no-no. It's actually a pretty devestating problem. I PM'd Kathleen and invited her back and expained in more detail what people found offensive and why and what would be a better way to put things. Maybe some people here might be willing to help her out by editing her things in the future. Not for sewing content. She obviously doesn't need that, but to help her not step in political doo doo in the future.
GorgeousFabrics said... (6/3/05 5:11 PM) Reply
Well, as they say, time wears down high heels, or something like that - I took a look at her blog dated yesterday and came across this: "I pissed off some people on a message board today and I didn't mean to. I feel really awful about that. I was trying to be helpful. There's no way to explain autism when I'm so articulate. In spite of my best efforts I can be described in similar terms as Harvard's beleagured president -as in, I only open my mouth to switch feet. If you're reading this, can we start over? I intended no malice." Kathleen, I didn't respond on your blog b/c I didn't want to leave my email, but I too hope we can start again. -Ann
drsue said... (6/3/05 2:13 PM) Reply
It's not the tip it's the 'tude.' 'tude' is seen in the body of the tip: "so called experts," bio: "I don't care to give up a lifetime of experience" (so don't), and the web site (see for yourself, she provided the link). I wouldn't mind more tips or reviews, but the attitude needs to be checked at the home page. If she can't help herself due to psychiatric problems and she truly wants to be helpful here and is not just tyring to sell her book then perhaps someone could volunteer to proof her work before posting so as to avoid this sort of thing in the future. And, it's not cool, and perhaps even a violation of PR rules to request a review of your own book. (see tip requests in her profile)
minnie76 said... (6/3/05 12:27 PM) Reply
I couldn't figure out how to edit the previous comment, but here is a website that others might like to read. It gives a little bit of insight into the poster of this tip.
minnie76 said... (6/3/05 11:54 AM) Reply
Well, I am not usually one to jump in on topics that seem to be rather heated. I did however find this review very informative (after being scared off for a day by the comments). It is from a different perspective than I have had the opportunity to hear before. I feel that some might have been a little harsh in their comments which is not something I have seen before on this website. Everyone is usually very helpful and I am thankful for any tips that are written. There was recent topic in the message boards where someone posted a tip and it was commented on as recycled. The general concensus (if I remember correctly) was that a tip was always helpful. I would have hoped that the same could be said here. I know some were turned off by the profile, but I can completely understand that she cannot submit many tips that she may want to for legal reasons. I also understand why she just posted the link to the tip since it was already somewhere else on the net. I think I have seen other posters do the same. There are a lot of pictures on her website and I know I learn a lot more when something is accompanied by illustrations or pictures. I did not have to pay anything for the information on the zipper application (as well as many other topics) and I also did not take the remark about the $20 virtual bill and her birthday coming up as anything more than sarcasm or being funny. I felt she was giving us valuable information from her career on the inside, so to speak. To sum it up, I am very glad that she chose to post the tip and I have gained knowledge in return. That is the main reason I joined PR anyway - to gain more knowledge and hopefully pass some on in return.
Irene Q said... (6/3/05 10:23 AM) Reply
I've waited a day and reread the post and comments, and still feel that I have to respond. First of all, people can, and do, write anything they want on their websites and especially in blogs. If you don't like it, respond on the website, not here. As for the tip and bio, it's possible to read it without taking any offense. Much more was read into it than was really there. Unfortunately, the same canít be said for many of the responses, especially the personal remarks. For the first time, Iím ashamed to associated with PR and want to publicly state that I, for one, do not go along with what was said. This isnít an ad for her book Ė it took me a long time to find it on the website, and itís not written for home sewers at all. This is a silly place to try and sell it. And although the wording could be better, Kathleenís concern about protecting her intellectual property is completely justified. Many of us have to deal with this same issue in our respective careers where we earn a living off our knowledge and experience. She wants to contribute, but her hands are tied by the legal implications. Finally, Iím an engineer and if the zipper engineers have designed in a way to make their products easy to use, then by golly, I want to know about it! Iíve done my share of pinning, basting and praying and really appreciate the detailed explanation given here.
sosoatsewing said... (6/2/05 9:08 AM) Reply
The tip is helpful, but the tip should have been typed out here instead of linking to her blog, which is basically an advertisement to buy her book... That's what has folks upset...well that and her brusque, condescending, "I'm better than you" attitude and grousing....
Irene Q said... (6/2/05 8:58 AM) Reply
I found the tip to be very helpful. Calm down, everyone!
sjm said... (6/2/05 5:22 AM) Reply
Oh how sad you are Kathleen !!
SewTwin said... (6/2/05 3:39 AM) Reply
Kathleen, You got the response you wanted.You got everyone up in arms,and hits on your blog, and website to see if your arrogance proved worthwhile.Wrong on all counts!Your website is right about needing your meds,and Good Luck to your Mother with you as a child.Or did you "alien"-ate yourself intentionally.It is SAD that "HELP" is not in your vocabulary,as most PR'ers choose to do.You are right, you probably will be a lonely old person,unless you change your attitude,and get some Heart! Good Luck to the rest of the world with people like you in it..I actually think you should be rejected as a PR'er for trying to net funds from a Review,Any others Agree??
ChrisK said... (6/2/05 3:08 AM) Reply
Kathleen's bio does read a bit unfriendly. However, Kathleen did freely share her photos and written instructions on industrial methods of zip insertions which are very clear and helpful - so I'm rating this review as very helpful. As this is her first post, shouldn't we give her the benefit of the doubt?
Vonnevo said... (6/2/05 2:53 AM) Reply
Links to great sources for learning all kinds of zipper applications.
sosoatsewing said... (6/1/05 9:38 PM) Reply
I've heard of self confidence, but this takes the cake, and is just plain arrogant...both the bio and the web blog...

I went through the blog and Kathleen slams everybody from home sewists to young clothing entrepeneurs...

I would however like to ask the obvious question:
If you (and others in your position) are such "engineering geniuses" why is almost all RTW of very poor drafting and construction quality?

I think when self confidence turns into what can only be described as a "mean *ss ego trip" it's time to step back and take a reality check. Sales of the book must be slow to have to try and peddle it in this way...and shamelessly on the web blog. With this attitude I wouldn't buy it even if it had a ton of great info.

Mean people suck! (as the bumpersticker says)

Thank God for our own drafting queens, Georgene and Els, who give so much help, and without the ego to match.
GorgeousFabrics said... (6/1/05 5:56 PM) Reply
From the bio: "Unfortunately, I'm unlikely to post much of any utility" - yep, I'd say that about sums it up. This post is most definitely off-topic
Vonnevo said... (6/1/05 5:10 PM) Reply
????? The mind boggles !!!
Patti-Jo said... (6/1/05 5:09 PM) Reply
Kathleen, considering your opinion of PR, I, too, wonder why you joined. I understand that you know a great deal about your subject: however, I'm not convinced your joining PR has more to do with helping others than promoting your book. This site is for homesewers that are doing the best they can with what they have to work with, and because of PR, we can all learn from each other. Perhaps a better venue for you would be to actually advertise your book, maybe by becoming a sponsor of PR, or some other site. We all welcome new ideas and techniques, but we try to present them non-condescendingly.
Mary Stiefer said... (6/1/05 4:59 PM) Reply
You must be a very unhappy person and have very few friends. I'm sorry for you.
MaryLynn in Long Beach said... (6/1/05 2:59 PM) Reply
What an amazing attitude! We have people like David Coffin and Kenneth King posting answers for free and expanding their fanbase and book purchasers in the process. Too bad that you feel you are 'above' that. We have a fair number of published writers here and most, unlike you, are published by real publishing houses, not self-published.
drsue said... (6/1/05 2:38 PM) Reply
I'm curioius about your bio. If you don't like PR's rules then don't join. It's almost as if you feel your being asked/demanded to join and participate. No one is forcing you to participate. This is a community of home sewers. We come here to help each other. Somehow we manage to muddle by.
PhyllisC said... (6/1/05 2:28 PM) Reply
Nancy Zieman has a zipper application method that yields this exact result...her instructions come without the snotty attitude however.
Gigi Louis said... (6/1/05 2:07 PM) Reply
Kathleen, I'm not sure why you've joined PR. Aside from you, no one here has professed to be any sort of manufacturing expert. Do you just come here to make fun of home sewers?
sadi said... (6/1/05 1:36 PM) Reply
from this i can sew my niece frok
GorgeousFabrics said... (6/1/05 1:20 PM) Reply
Wait a minute, I just went to the blog and got this: "So, what flavor of zippers shall we do next? There are so many other things that can affect outcomes in different fabric weights and we haven't even begun to talk about "bend allowance" what's next? If you have paypal, you can send your requests to on the back of a virtual $20 bill..." Is this a joke, or a shill? And I think your disparaging remarks about "experts" is uncalled-for. -Ann
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